here i am…

A dedicated philanthropist, bright-side seeker, writer, speaker, kindness campaigner, intent on helping you live your best life, on purpose!

A radio presenter since 1989, and still madly in love with the platform, I also teach presentation skills, mindfulness, meditation, and my other great love: laughter yoga. Pile all these delights together, and you’ll find yourself exploring fun and empowering ways to overcome your negative, self-limiting beliefs.

Fancy a touch more confidence? Or how about a more bountiful life? I’m thrilled to bits that you’re here, and I can’t wait to get started, so I’m sending you the 3 Simple Steps whenever you click the link. Don’t worry, I won’t send spam or share your details, I promise!

Want to Speak & Shine Every Time?

Want to Laugh Without Jokes?

Need some breathing room?

Brand new episodes of Tickled with Tové coming soon!

Mindful to Bountiful:
a Mini Course in Mindfulness

I have personally selected some introductory practices to give you a foundational experience of mindfulness.

When life gets hectic, sometimes our thinking can make us even more stressed. This course will give you the tools you need to handle whatever comes up.

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