Hi there I’m Tové. I want you to feel fully supported by someone who understands that anxiety is real. Imposter syndrome? Are you kidding me! Even if you struggle with nerves, or perhaps you just get down on yourself sometimes, or maybe you’re going through Menopause— what the fog, right? Wherever you are in this season of your life, I’m here for you.

I’m a storytelling speaker, MC, facilitator, presentation skills trainer, author and coach who believes we can change our lives through better thinking, aligned action, and new choices so we can ditch the overwhelm and live more joyfully, showing up more wholeheartedly for ourselves, and others.

I’m a Laughter Yoga Master Trainer where I coach businesses on the benefits of workplace wellness through laughter and mindfulness. I teach leaders and teachers how to connect to their laughter for mental well-being and then share that skill in laughter clubs, communities, schools, medical facilities, care homes, and in business.

I’m an award-winning radio broadcaster where I’ve learned the art of painting mental pictures that create emotional experiences. I’m the author of Mind Over Natter a personal development book about how mindfulness can help you overcome negative inner critics.

I’m the founder of the Speak and Shine Academy: the stress-free five-step method, to create, practice, deliver, and sell any presentation.

I’m a mindfulness and meditation teacher specialising in laughter therapy and cognitive-based mindfulness.
My online courses teach a range of subjects including, mindfulness, presenting skills, and how to boost your confidence and authority by developing your speaking voice.

I am based in Ireland with my wife (this is a whole other aspect of my identity), my son lives in South Africa, my sister is my hero—and it is my privilege to work internationally delivering workshops, seminars, retreats and.