Have you got five minutes?

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Taken from my book, Mind Over Natter, this exercise is one of my favourite Action Igniters. As I say at the start of the chapter: this is a game changer! Right now, write now!

We sometimes dream ourselves out of our dreams. We spend too much time thinking about our dreams, then doing nothing about them. Doubt sets in and before we know it, the negative inner critics have thwarted us. 

No more of that!

Change starts now. This is a turbo-powered, compact manifestation exercise. You are about to be an agent for rapid change in your life, right now!

Take five minutes. Time yourself. Whatever you’ve been wanting to do and haven’t, there is something you can do in the next five minutes to shift you closer to that desire. Write it down in your journal and please – put the date next to this entry.

Before resistance stops you, let me say this: don’t think, just DO! Have fun with this. Choose something that matters to you: a holiday, a healthy relationship, a healthy body, a new skill, a new outfit, more happiness… whatever is the first thing that pops up! Write it down. And now? Well – now you W.H.A.C.K. it!

W – Write down what you want to do, be, have, achieve, feel.
H – How does it feel? How will it feel? How do you feel? Tap into that right now.
A – Action… take some!
C – Clock set for five minutes? Ready?
K – Keep going for the full five minutes, keep focusing on the feeling.

The first time I did this exercise, I was so exhilarated afterwards, I had to go for a run! Granted it was a short run, but I squealed with delight the whole way. Before I started, I searched my heart for one thing I would love. My inner voice said one word: Greece. I started the five-minute timer and it was game on!

I was on it! I researched flights to Greece, a place to stay, checked my bank balance, and then just sat quietly imagining the warm sun on my skin, the salty sea, bright blue and refreshing, the sound of gentle laughter and cicadas, the flavour of baklava melting in my mouth, the smell of lemon and garlic and holiday… all before my five minutes were up. 

This took just five minutes. Amazing what you can create when you W.H.A.C.K. it!


It’s empowering to to finally face your inner critics and take action, regardless of their negativity. It’s even more exciting to listen to the positive ones and follow their prompts. This Five-Minute Mind Over Natter Action Igniter will change your life. Keep doing it, and soon you won’t even remember your self-limiting beliefs.

I hope to see your breakthroughs. I’d love to hear how swiftly the change came for you. Use the hashtag #tovekanewhackit and share your adventures.

The clock starts… nnnnnnNNNOW!

For more on this exercise and others, read Mind Over Natter and overcome negative inner critics through everyday mindfulness for health, wealth, love, and happiness.

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