Communication Skills are Essential for Business

If you are a solo-preneur, doing everything to up-skill so you can scale your business, or you’re in Human Resources and you’re looking for skills to boost your team’s connection and performance, or you’re in sales and you know that being more persuasive is going to rock your career, or, you’re an organiser looking for speakers, we ALL need to prove ourselves as competent, and confident in business.

Even if you are exhausted, struggling to get through your daily tasks, right on the edge of overwhelm, or you just want that certain edge, you’re in the right place because charismatic speaking will change your life and boost your business.

If you are new to public speaking, maybe you’ve done a few presentations but you don’t like the anxiety, perhaps you’re thinking of taking it further but you just need some support, I want to assure you that even my most introverted clients have quickly learned my proven method for five-star speaking success and they’ve never looked back.

After the very first session, YOU will be able to implement these memorable techniques

Confident speaking is a life-skill and that’s the good news: anyone can learn.

Speak & Shine Academy

Five Star Presenting

Monetise your message and broaden your influence through speaking. A proven step-by-step method to speak and shine every time. I love teaching this skill and it is workshopped with some exciting and dynamic techniques that will help you even if you’re an introvert.

Keynote Speaker, MC, Facilitator

As a storyteller, my presentations are entertaining and informative. As an MC, it’s important to take control of unfolding situations and adapt whilst keeping impeccable time, being warm and highly competent. When I facilitate, I often help speakers clarify their point to the audience.

Wellness in the Workplace

Sessions and Retreats

Awareness through mindfulness is an essential skill to introduce to the workplace especially among colleagues, for the business as a whole, and for clients in particular.
We also hold private and corporate sessions and retreats.


I speak about mental wellness through mindfulness and overcoming negative inner-critics.

Why Tové Kane?

My background as an award-winning broadcaster, is rooted in time management and professionalism. I combine radio, TV, live performance, and writing skills into training workshops based on my studies in cognitive behavioural mindfulness. I’m uniquely positioned to teach on presenting from a media perspective whilst guiding through emotional awareness.


over 30 years in broadcasting


Professional, highly competent


Polished yet fun and entertaining

What You Get

A heart-centred yet focused, professional, experience, able to work with individuals, staff, middle and senior management, and audiences from on-air, online, on stage, and in the boardroom.

Workshops, Retreats, Presentations

Customisable to your needs

Someone who understands nerves and how to handle them