Those Three Little Words

There’s a real clue as to how we feel when we call something little.  A diminutive implies smallness. Yes, there are great and mighty small things—think blood-sucking mosquito and the itch for days. Generally, though, when something is little, we think of it as being small and less significant. It’s not true and it’s not comprehensive but when we use “little” as a framing device in this saying, it encodes a certain meaning. Not only are we so blocked we can’t say what we mean, we have to hide behind a hint. It’s “those” three little words, we can’t even bring ourselves to say what the words are. And why do they have to be little? We are so awkward around love; we try not to even use the word itself. Why do we have to hide? Love is both a want and a need. 

For some people, hearing, “I love you,” changes their lives. Being told they are loved, gives them a sense of optimism. They may even feel more capable in their lives. Being encouraged and supported by such a beautiful affirmation makes them more loving and more loveable. For others, it’s hard to say it, maybe it’s hard to even feel it. We never know the traumas people have endured.  Did it ever occur to you that your own mind, body—and even your heart, really need you to say you love them? How different would your life be if there was more love in it? If it comes from you first, it’s the ultimate starting point. From small things, big things grow.