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My speaking scope is as broad as my interests. I have a diverse background (including being a mother) that involves; writing, acting, broadcasting (radio, TV and online), being a voice artist, transformational coach, mindfulness and meditation teacher, a triathlete, golfer, super-bike rider, SCUBA diver, photographer, film maker, singer, plus being a social activist for the environment, women and child protection.

And that’s before breakfast!

So here I am, excited to share my skills, my knowledge, and even my laughter, with people just like you who are ready to live expansively, with more confidence, on purpose.

MC/Keynote Speaker/Host

I love engaging with an audience! I really do! And after 30 years as a professional keynote speaker, I still enjoy it, specifically for the energy exchange, but also the chance to entertain…
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Voice Over Artist

My background encompasses voice-overs, promos, travel blogs and videos on mindfulness. There is something of a storyteller inside of me, and I delight in sharing a message…
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Speak & Shine Academy

I’m here to remind you that your opinion and your message matter. You count! Now can we count on you to speak up and to speak out? Confident speaking: in your relationship, at work, on stage…
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Mindfulness & Meditation

If we are all go, go, go—pretty soon it’ll be no, no, no. When you add stress to your fast-paced life, you’re risking your health, relationships and even your job.
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Laughter Yoga

It’s said that Laughter Yoga is the kindergarten of adults. I’m a fan of getting in touch with our inner child, since this is a great source of creativity and spontaneity.
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I have over 30 years of experience as a voice artist in the media and broadcasting industry that I draw on when holding training in Presentation Skills…
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